Jürg Solothurnmann, alto & aoprano saxes
Michel Wintsch, piano
Christian Wolfarth, percussion

RawCooked1Jürg Solothurnmann and percussionist Christian Wolfarth (Zürich) have been playing together regularly since 1991. Until 2004 the third member of Raw & Cooked was the Southern German pianist Uli J. Kieckbusch. After a few years, the trio experienced was revived - now with the pianist Michel Wintsch (Geneva) who for many years has worked with Solothurnmann and Wolfarth also for other projects. The three share an extensive experience with composing, concepts and spontaneous invention. In the most recent years, R&C has focused mainly on the latter aspect. Its mentality smartly reflects the diversity of today's music and is therefore difficult to describe in one term. Various influences are integrated or brought into a discourse: new jazz trends, pop, avant-rock, free music, modern classical and ethnic styles from Asia and Africa. In principle, anything is possible as long as it is found to be appropriate. With humor, they sometimes play not only music but also with all sorts of implications. Food for the heart and mind - whether raw or cooked!

R&C has played concerts in Switzerland an Germany.

Jürg Solothurnmann – Alto & Soprano Saxophones Biografie Solothurnmann

RawCooked2Michel Wintsch, piano
Pianist and composer Michel Wintsch's unflagging inspiration springs from a rich and varied musical background. Linking jazz tradition with the raw power of "progressive" rock, freewheeling improvisation with the rigors of orchestral composition, virtuoso playing with digital editing and mixing techniques, he takes an approach that is both syncretic and poetic. A way of composing that leaves plenty of creative space to fellow musicians, yet establishes a style that is his alone. Music that is truly here and now, unclassifiable and migratory. Music that speaks to our senses as much as to our imagination: brand new but familiar. Music that sweeps along but never ceases to surprise us.

Born in Switzerland in 1964, Michel Wintsch succumbed to music as a child. Even then he refused the limits of what the schools teach. As time went by, the piano became a daily delight, a form of asceticism essential to his well-being. Creativity became a way of life. He has worked for the cinema (notably for the Swiss director Alain Tanner), for radio, television and the theatre. He put the writings of Marguerite Yourcenar to music and composed the opera "Ma Barker". His first live appearances were with the rock group Monkey’s Touch, which toured the circuit regularly in the 80s. He now plays numerous gigs and concerts with musicians who experiment with improvised music, including Fred Frith, Martin Schütz, Michel Doneda, Ray Anderson, etc, and his regular trio he co-founded with American percussionist and composer Gerry Hemingway, and Swiss bassist Bänz Oester. These myriad encounters, exchanges and tours have given the music of Michel Wintsch a highly personal, unmistakable note.

WolfarthChristian Wolfarth, percussion
Christian Wolfarth combines sensitivity with technology in equal and explores the drum playing in an impressive way. Quite differently to many contemporary drummers, he has never extended his instruments with electronic devices, but for years, he has developed an aesthetic that in some sense can be described as "electronic". In his music, reduction is an important aspect as well as the almost obsessive attention to detail and the wide range of sound possibilities. This he has developed in his intense solo playing during the last 15 years. Since the 1980s his music focuses on various kinds of jazz and improvised music.

Born in 1960, he grew up in Zürich. After first attempts at the guitar and electric bass, he started playing drums in rock bands before taking up studies with Billy Brooks at the former Swiss Jazz School in Bern and then with Pierre Favre at the conservatory in Lucerne. In addition, he took in composition lessons with Siegfried Kutterer (Basel).
He has played with John Butcher, Gene Coleman, Bertrand Denzler, John Edwards, Donat Fisch, Christoph Gallio, Charlotte Hug, Jason Kahn, Hans Koch, Tomas Korber, Annette Krebs, Urs Leimgruber, Lé Quan Ninh, London Improvisers Orchestra, Paul Lovens, Werner Lüdi, Albert Mangelsdorff, Michael Moser, Günter Müller, Andrea Neumann, Lucas Niggli, Evan Parker, Simon Picard, Irène Schweizer, Alex von Schlippenbach, Martin Siewert, Jürg Solothurnmann, Daniel Studer, Michael Vorfeld, Christian Weber, Chris Wiesendanger, Michel Wintsch, Alfred Zimmerlin and many more.

Wolfarth also regularly collaborates with dance and literature professionals. In 2006, he was awarded the Big Grant of the City of Zurich.

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