Franziska Baumann, voice
Jürg Solothurnmann, alto & soprano saxophones
Christoph Baumann, piano

Potage1In late 1999, informal sessions were so exciting that a new band was founded on the spot, the Swiss improvisational trio Potage du Jour with Franziska Baumann and Jürg Solothurnmann from Bern and the pianist Christoph Baumann from Wettingen. Nobody can predict exactly what will go into the next soup when they go to work. What seasonings will flavor it and how much? Will it be hot or a gazpacho? That will depend from what the members have cooked up in other realms in the previous days and weeks - dealing with their various other "kitchens" such as modern classical music, jazz, salsa, film & theatre music, live-electronics and music performance etc.

The three have found modes which focus on interactivity. Shapes and attitudes that upsurge within the musical process are registered, read and developed accordingly. It’s a game featuring attentive listening, quick reaction and a broad palette of sound. The ways the sounds are fused, strung together, are juxtaposed or opposed surprise the musicians again and again and stimulate them to widen the limits of playing and interacting. The inventions breathe with vocal actions, chants, rhythm pulses, sound cascades, reverberations, melody clips and unorthodox sounds.

However, having been educated in an extensive variety of musical forms, the members strive for coherent statements as often as possible – as in a spontaneous speech. Call it instant composition.

PotageMinskFranziska Baumann (1965) has a modern classical background. She oscillates between action and song, a voice fundamentally related to the body and pervaded by wild games and deep serenity becomes song.

Jürg Solothurnmann (1943) absorbs and transforms a multifaceted style whose spectrum ranges from ‘folklore imaginaire’ through jazz to speech-like and pointillist sound figures. The varying aesthetics of song within diverse cultures from around the world inspire him as much as does the most modern classic.

Christoph Baumann (1954) is firmly anchored in contemporary jazz but has a profound understanding of such styles as salsa and new music. He has prolific experience with dramatic music for theatre and dance. His piano playing consists of harmonic, sound and percussively rhythmical accents.

2000-2010 Concerts in Switzerland and Southern Germany
2002 Dance project with Valérie Métivier (Toulouse/FR)
2002 Tour in Romania (New Music Days Bucharest, Internat. Jazz Festival Ia?i etc.)
2003/04 Concert recordings at Alte Kirche Boswil & Südbahnhof Basel & SWR2
2005 CD «Potage du Jour» (Leo Records London)
2008 Concerts in Switzerland, Festival Alternativa Prague
2009 Concerts & workshops in Switzerland, Belarus and Romania

Press Echoes

... This is the art of improvisation at the highest level, wild, gentle, emotionally, artistically and unsophisticated, inspiring and exciting - an intimate conversation between three which kept on beeing interesting until the end. "Potage du Jour" - unique in the mainstream-dominated flood.
Christian Gysi, Jazz Pages

... Here we have an opportunity to learn about the phenomenal, virtuoso voice and sound creations of Baumann and this strongly expressive trio and its close energetic communication. Again and again it emerges with fascinating and beautiful interactive scenes and sequences.
Johannes Anders

... On its debut CD, the alchemically functioning trio creates an "instant soup", whose smells tickle the senses and sometimes strain them in an enjoyable manner.
Radiomagazin, Zürich

... In a playful interaction pieces evolve that once are furiously tempered, then again sound rather soothing, and often have a theatrical or even ritualistic character. In order to equal the virtuoso parlando of the voice, the instrumentalists are at a loss for no trick!
Christoph Wagner, Zeitschrift für Neue Musik, Germany

... What the three do with jazz, free improvisation and contemporary music evokes our admiration!
Heribert Ickerott, Jazz Podium, Germany

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